Is Your Marketing in Focus?

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What do you do? More importantly, what do your customers think you do? Your customers' perceptions of what you do it key to appearing unique, and different from your competition. You've got an opportunity to try to shape their perceptions by focusing your message every time you communicate with your marketplace. Advertising, PR, brochures, website and email, direct mail, your sales pitch, and everything you do, helps influence the way your customer sees you.

The secret to effective marketing communications is focus. To create a strong image in your customer's mind, everything you say must focus on your customers most pressing needs, their strongest desires, and the information they need before they can make a decision to buy. It sounds easy, but too many businesses get distracted. They get caught up in lots of details (like the car with 'high performance,' luxurious ride, best in class fuel economy, European styling, and fantastic warranty; or the Swiss Army Knife with 64 blades) and lose focus on whats most important to your customer. When you try to be "everything to everyone, you end up being nothing to no one."

Do you know what's most important to your customer? Why do they buy from you? Or why don't they? What is the key information they need before they buy?

From websites to the way you answer the phone, focus on one clear message and you've got the best chance of being remembered. That's been the secret to some of the most effective marketing ever (Volkswagen: Think Small. The Marlboro Man. McDonald's' You Deserve a Break Today and The Big Mac Song, and DeBeere's "A Diamond is Forever".

Focus on your customer's "hot buttons", and you've taken the first step to an effective marketing message. Focus all your marketing communications around this message, and you've taken a step toward making an impact that's remembered.

What's your message?

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Is Your Marketing in Focus?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01